Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I haz been spoilt!

So, yesterday, I went to see if I had any packages and I found that I recieved one in the mail from Bathilda Boomslang. She's a Slytherin and my spoiler for HSKS7. Since I cannot find my camera cord (I owe, like, a ton of pictures!), I'll just tell you what she spoiled me with and show you later, okay?
  • Knitpicks Shine Sport yarn in Grass and Silver Sage. It feels so soft and I can't wait to make something totally awesome out of it!
  • A felted scrub pad that is dark green, burgandy and tan. It is also very soft, but not as soft as the yarn.
  • A place to hold my dpns!!! Finally, I have a proper storage roll for them. Unfortunately, one of my size 3 harmony dpns broke the other day, so I'm down to only having five of those. :(
  • A snake in something crystaline. This came in a bag that once had Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. I'm glad I didn't get any of those. Once Ali got one that was soap flavored. But the bags are really cool!
  • A leather keychain that will be going on my school bag as soon as it stops snowing and raining so much. Also, a lanyard keychain in Slytherin colors. This is going right on my school bag as soon as I get off the computer!
  • A lovely Slytherin colored hemp anklet that I'm pretty sure Bathilda made it herself. I will have to wear it when the weather gets warm enough.
  • A set of size 4 harmony circulars. The best part is that they're interchangeable, so now I can start collecting different size tips for the cables!
  • A bag of my favorite spearmint candies! They're even green. ^_^
  • A pattern for fingerless gloves
  • And... best of all... the bag! Unlike the bag I'm making (which is knitted), this was made with needlepoint on plastic canvas. Definitely creative and I love the zig-zag pattern on the front.
And I shall post pictures as soon as I can find my camera and the cable cord for it. I really need to take a picture of Bernadette's kit before I send it off to her (especially the bag, which is just about finished... finally!).

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