Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Charms Assignment - HLBOES

Project Assignment:

Out of 25 possible points.
Due: August 4 (Tuesday)

For every Charms student, a wand is the most essential tool. I would like each of you to try your hand at wand-making. Using common household items (and whatever else you may be able to find at the local crafts store), please construct a wand for yourself.
In addition to constructing your wand, please include the following: a list of (Muggle) materials you used and 2-5 sentences about why your wand has picked you. You can talk about wand wood, core, length, flexibility or anything else that may be special.
Also, each student must have a place to put his or her wand when class is over. For part of the assignment, you are to construct a wand pouch. Again, use whichever materials you can find at the local crafts store, but I have found that both knitting and crocheting work quite well.

Grading Rubric:
Wand Construction: (10 points)
  • Is this portion of the assignment finished and did the student follow directions? (3)
  • Did the student make a decent wand that would be functional in the classroom? (4)
  • How much artistic style did the student put into making the wand? (3)
Wand Pouch Construction: (10 points)
  • Is the assignment finished and did the student follow directions? (4)
  • What is the quality of the pouch? How well will it function? (4)
  • Is the wand pouch aesthetically pleasing? (2)
Written Portion: (5 points)
  • List of Muggle materials? (2)
  • Short written analysis of his or her wand? (3)
I reserve the right to give partial credit for completed assignments.
Callisto Verity
Charms Professor
Ravenclaw HoH

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